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Further Up and Further In by Nicolas Alford

Far too many Christians are living with an underestimated or misapplied gospel. The result is a frustrated life of inconsistent discipleship, careening from legalism to license. The solution is not to pull back and play it safe; the solution is to go Further Up and Further In. This book takes believers on a voyage through the simple yet profound implications of the everlasting gospel for the everyday life of faith. Want to be more encouraged than you ever thought possible? Take up and read.

Nicolas Alford (Pastor, King’s Cross Church, Kirkland, WA) has taken the essence of Marrow and distilled it for modern believers in a fresh, easy-to-read, and pastoral form.


“Phrases such as ‘Christ-centered’ and ‘gospel-centered’ can be easily emptied of content and twisted to mean anything. But, as Nicolas Alford shows us with passionate biblical logic, Christ revealed in the gospel really is the heart and soul of Christianity. Alford calls the church to cling to her Head in a manner that is biblical, doctrinal, Trinitarian, commandment-keeping, and full of hope in the kingdom of God.”

–Dr. Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“There is nothing better calculated to enhance one’s sense of peace and spiritual growth than a regular feasting on the unsearchable riches of Christ. That is what Nicolas Alford urges upon us in this book. In its 12 chapters, the author shows us the gospel from various angles, like the sparkling light emitted through a perfectly cut diamond. Read this book for yourself and commend it to others. The church can only get richer through it.”

–Dr. Conrad Mbewe, Pastor of Kabwata Baptist Church and founding Chancellor of the African Christian University in Lusaka, Zambia

“Most professing Christians today entertain a rather truncated view of the gospel. As a result, they don’t thrive; they just survive. Nick Alford aims to remedy this deficiency in Further Up and Further In. He demonstrates that the gospel isn’t just one part of the Bible’s story; it is the story. It’s not just the door into life; it’s the path for all of life. Writing in a style that’s vivid, engaging, and practical, Nick will help you reach new heights and make new inroads into a deeper understanding and application of the gospel’s life-changing power. Do you want to grow in grace? Read this book. I highly recommend it!”

–Dr. Robert Gonzales Jr., Dean, Reformed Baptist Seminary

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