Confident Humility Part 2, Episode 1 The Marrow Show

Sep 7, 2023 | Marrow Ministries Free Content, Podcasts, The Marrow Show, Uncategorized, Videos

The Marrow Show’s latest episode, ‘Confident Humility Part 2,’ is a captivating exploration of faith and self-awareness led by the dynamic trio of Pastors Nick, Luke, and Wade. Building on the success of their previous discussion, this episode delves even deeper into the concept of confident humility, highlighting the importance of embracing vulnerability while maintaining unwavering faith. With their unique perspectives and engaging anecdotes, these pastors offer practical insights on how to cultivate humility while confidently navigating life’s challenges. ‘Confident Humility Part 2’ is a must-watch for anyone seeking to strengthen their faith and grow as a more compassionate and self-assured individual.

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