“Dear…” – A Poem on the Letters to the Seven Churches (Revelation 2-4)

Mar 18, 2023 | Articles, by Guest Writers, Marrow Ministries Free Content

Dear Ephesus, you work so hard

and wicked people there you barred.

Yet you have lost your earlier love,

so now repent; love God above.


Dear Smyrna, rich, while poor, in pain—

fear not to suffer once again.

Be faithful, even unto death,

and I will give you life and breath.


Dear Pergamum, where Satan lives,

your faith, surprisingly, still thrives.

But you condone such heresy

if you do not repent, you’ll die!


Dear Thyatira, you have shown

your deeds, your faith, your love have grown.

But this about you I despise:

you bear that prostitute who lies.


Dear Sardis, you all really think

you are alive? You’re at death’s brink!

So wake up! Strengthen what remains,

else I will frighten, give you pains.


Dear Philadelphia, I know

your deeds, yet little strength to show.

you keep my name, true all the while,

so I will keep you all from trial.


Dear Laodocia, I wish that you

were cold or not—I may just spew!

So listen now, do not ignore,

I stand here knocking at your door.

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